Monday, October 12, 2015

Survey Identifies Top Five Work Stressors

Stress in the workplace wreaks havoc on people’s health and saps productivity. To get to the bottom of what causes stress, Wrike, a project management software provider, asked 1,500 knowledge workers to rank the most stressful problems they encounter at work. Wrike’s CEO Andrew Filev breaks down the survey findings:

  1. Missing information. "If you've got the time and the energy and the passion to work, but you're being blocked by something else, it is very frustrating," says Filev.
  2. Problems prioritizing tasks. Mastering prioritization will make or break your career, Filev says. “There is more and more work every day and it's only going to get worse—or better—depending on what you do about it.”
  3. Unrealistic goals. This comes from poor communication, Filev says, particularly when others are not aware of your task list. "If I cannot do everything in the world then at least I can communicate why what I'm doing is so important for the company," he says.
  4. Moving deadlines. Fast moving business and technology means changing deadlines. Filev recommends learning to work around those moving targets.
  5. Unclear leadership. Filev says that workers should remember their bosses are human. To clear up any confusion, schedule time with your boss and be prepared with specific questions.