Thursday, October 29, 2015

Coaching Skills for Leaders

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Coaching is management style that some leaders are incorporating into their work environment. In his Forbes Leadership article, William Arruda asks successful coaches what their advice is for leaders who wish to integrate coaching into their daily routine.
  • Ask questions. Ora Shtull, founder of OraCoaching says that “a leader who reduces the need to be the smartest in the room and have all the answers will motivate her team, win allies, and create the capacity to grow personally.” Asking questions to your team will help grow trust, encouragement and communication.
  • Kara Exner, founder of Nine Lions Coaching, also encourages leaders to ask questions. “Leaders who invest the time asking questions to foster a team member’s self-discovery see a bigger payoff . . .” She says team members become more engaged and more empowered. 
  • “When in doubt, communicate.” Shira Ronen, founder of Spectrum Consulting, suggests that adopting a coaching leadership style must be about communicating better and more frequently. Ask open-ended questions and really listen to the what the person answers.
  • Karen Tweedie, a partner in Access leadership Australia, says “Better conversations mean better relationships, which lead to better output.”

In addition, here are some tips coaching leaders can practice to support their workforce:
  • See yourself as a thought partner, listen for potential.
  • Keep your questions open-ended.
  • Encourage self-discovery.
  • Put your attention on the person who is in front of you—not the issue.
  • Expect that the person is capable of determining the best approach.
  • Empower the person to succeed by providing resources and removing obstacles.
  • Maintain accountability, and celebrate effort and results.