Wednesday, October 14, 2015

What Is Your Management Style?

In Dan Bobinski’s article, “So You’re a Manager. Now What?” he challenges managers to assess what type of managers they are. He argues that knowing your management style will help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses. He also encourages managers to “pay close attention to that common thread that runs through all managements styles, the one that has to do with how you interact with and treat other people.”
Bobinski likens management styles to a spectrum. On one end is the “builder” and the other end, the “climber.” Builders invest in their people, take the time to train employees and make it a habit to talk about how their team contributes to the company’s overall mission. “They offer clear, specific advice, and they are not afraid to be among those who take a hit if something goes south,” he says. They are builders because they build up their employees, creating a powerful team.
Climbers, on the other end, are managers who strive to make themselves better, taking credit for their teams’ work. “They offer little or no advice, and they are quick to pass the buck and place blame if something goes wrong,” he says. They are climbers because they climb on the backs of others to put themselves in a better light.

Bobinski says that while no one is locked into a particular spot on the spectrum, most managers have a particular spot where they prefer to operate most of the time. “Where we operate on this spectrum and how we weave this thread into our personal leadership style may be the largest factor in determining our ability to create successful, passion-driven teams,” he says.