Wednesday, June 10, 2015

From Safety 2015: Using Video in Training & Toolbox Talks

Today at Safety 2015, Steven St. Laurent, president of Inc., instructed attendees in ways to enhance training and toolbox talks with video. Videos are great for communication, St. Laurent says, but as with anything, using the right tool in the right context is key.

"Video is one of many techniques that can keep people engaged," St. Laurent says. " But far too often trainers, supervisors and safety professionals alike have not had any guidance on simple techniques. Tragically, they lose out on impacting their audience and compelling them to take action."

St. Laurent explained various techniques for getting the most out of videos in training, including:
setting up and debriefing a video;
  • asking open-ended and closed-ended questions;
  • compelling participants to take action with a strong conclusion;
  • using suspense;
  • using the fourth wall and role-playing by yourself or with a person;
  • getting others to lead a debate/discussion;
  • finding video resources legally and ethically.
Implementing video in presentations is an art form, St. Laurent says, but with the appropriate approach, it can be a massively effective training tool. "Consider each training you conduct as if you are the lead actor," he says. "Know your message. Be prepared. Get there early. Plan ahead. Test out the technology. Have back up cables, files, phones, projectors, TV’s and/or computers. Care about your audience. Listen well. Be creative!"

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