Wednesday, June 10, 2015

From Safety 2015: Execs Share C-Suite Insight

A panel of business leaders shared their thoughts on OSH, its role in today's business decision-making process and their expectations of OSH professionals during the Executive Summit, held this morning as part of ASSE's Safety 2015 conference.

The executives on this year's panel represented a wide range of industries. It included Stephen Ayers, architect of the U.S. Capitol; Richard Baily, Boeing Co.; Jeff Williams, Johnson Controls; Art Daniel, AR Daniel Construction Services Inc.; and David Walls, Austin Industries.

Here are just a few highlights from their comments:
"We test prospective employees for propensity to take risks to weed out many risk takers."
~David Walls
"[Safety] is a lifestyle, it's a commitment--[it] starts with senior leaders of the organization."
~David Walls
"We need to transfer some of our aviation workplace safety practices into the workplace."
~Richard Baily
"Safety saves money . . . and enables us to recruit the best possible people."
~Stephen Ayers
"Safety is the most important aspect of our business."
~Jeff Williams
"There are many organizations we aren't willing to do business with. If they request our safety record but won't share theirs, that's a key indicator."
~Art Daniel
Watch video highlights here.