Thursday, June 4, 2015

Drones & Disasters

Drones are becoming more ubiquitous by the month, and disaster relief organizations are capitalizing on the technology.

American Red Cross and other emergency response stakeholders have released a report saying that drones have plenty of applications in disaster relief.

The report outlines some of the most promising uses for drones, including:
  • reconnaissance and mapping;
  • structural assessment;
  • temporary infrastructure and supply delivery;
  • wildfire detection and extinguishing;
  • high-rise building fire response;
  • chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear or explosive event;
  • search and rescue operations;
  • insurance claims response and risk assessment.
Drones can also be used in risk assessment, mapping and planning.

“When individuals, businesses and communities are able to understand and manage risks and plan effectively, they reduce overall damage and losses. Rebuilding and recovery are then able to begin more quickly, ultimately strengthening the resiliency of communities,” the report concludes.