Thursday, June 18, 2015

Federal Chemical Facility Safety Group Issues Updates

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A working group of federal agencies has released a fact sheet showcasing progress made to help improve safety and security in U.S. chemical facilities.

President Obama issued Executive Order 13650 “Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security” on Aug. 1, 2013. The order directed 6 government agencies to coordinate their efforts to prevent chemical plant disasters.

The report says current focal points are strengthening community preparedness, better federal operational coordination and better data management, among others.

Highlights from the report include: 
  • Data and information technology experts are working to create a unified federal chemical facility data clearinghouse.
  • Department of Human Services and Federal Emergency Management Agency are working with 10 counties with the highest combination of chemical facility anti-terrorism standards and risk management program facilities to ensure they are using the integrated public alert and warning system, which provides public notification of incidents at local chemical facilities.
  • A docket was established for stakeholders to submit feedback, and correspondence is being accepted at
The fact sheet is available on OSHA's website.