Wednesday, June 10, 2015

From Safety 2015: Mobile Apps for OSH Pros

In his June 9 Safety 2015 session, "A Review of the Top 10 Mobile Apps for the Safety Professional," Paul J. Colangelo, STS, CHST, CET, national director of compliance programs for ClickSafety, took a look at the top mobile apps available to help OSH be more effective and efficient.

Thanks to smartphones and tables, use of technology has become more widespread in the OSH community. Tasks that once consumed significant time and resources can now be accomplished simply by accessing an effective app, Colangelo explained. Furthermore, new and younger workers come to the workplace expecting technology to be a common part of what they do and a significant tool to be utilized in their daily tasks.

Colangelo reviewed both free and fee-based apps during his talk. Many regulatory agencies like OSHA have developed apps such as the Heat Safety Tool, which is designed to not only calculate heat index, but also to identify signs and symptoms of heat-related illness, first-aid treatment and contact information for the agency. NIOSH offers apps that address chemical safety, ladder safety, lift safety and several others. Beyond OSHA and NIOSH, agencies and associations such as ANSI, AHA and NFPA have developed apps.

Colangelo suggested that OSH professionals use the following criteria when selecting apps:
  • device brand; 
  • device type;
  • flash capability;
  • industry;
  • classification;
  • source and accuracy of content; 
  • cost;
  • malware and security concerns;
  • ads. 
Colangelo's’s session was recorded during Safety 2015 and is available for purchase on