Thursday, June 11, 2015

From Safety 2015: Persuasion Power: How to Get It, Use It & Keep It

In his June 9 Safety 2015 session, “Persuasion Power: How to Get It, Keep It, Use It,” Michael Rega discussed organizational power and how one can leverage sources of power to expand critical business relationships.

Many OSH professionals have tremendous responsibility, but lack the positional power in their organizations to generate successful results. However, by understanding the components of power, one can learn to master it to achieve greater results. “Successful personal power creation is action, not position,” Rega says.

Rega discussed the human need to be associated with a group, and the influence that comes from belonging to a group, team or tribe. Understanding the group mentality, he says, can help us capture and implement the power of the group.

Keeping power once you have it, he explains, requires mastery of persuasion. Rega defines persuasion as “allowing people to do what you need them to do—willingly.” That willingness in others is the key to long-term retention of organizational power.

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