Monday, April 20, 2015

Video Explains How to Make the Most of Hidden Talent

According to John Baldoni, chair of leadership development at N2Growth, many managers may unknowingly be overlooking talented employees. In a video, Baldoni, explains that very often star performers lack the confidence to pursue promotions and therefore stay in their given roles. Very often these are the individuals who make an organization run smoothly, and also have the ability to take themselves and their best people with them should they leave the company.

Finding these people is not always easy; many times these employees are in positions of low visibility, making it more difficult for them to be discovered by senior managers. In fact, some talented people will only be discovered when leaders make the effort.

Baldoni suggests paying attention to teams that always meet deadlines, regardless of circumstances. Engage team leaders in conversations and ask about their approach. Often times they will talk about the efforts and skills of their team members, not complain about a lack of resources. According to Baldoni, theses are the types of leaders that should be considered for promotion.

Click here to watch the full video.