Thursday, April 16, 2015

Help Create Better Protections for Communication Tower Workers

The cell phones and other mobile devices we've all come to rely on demand greater wireless coverage and that means building and maintaining more communication towers. Those tasks put employees at risk of falls from heights, structural collapses, electrical hazards and hazards associated with inclement weather. According to OSHA, 13 communication tower workers died in 2013 and 12 died in 2014.

OSHA is seeking public comments  to help identify what measures are needed to prevent worker injuries and fatalities. “We understand the importance of this industry, but workers’ lives should not be sacrificed for a better cell phone signal," says OSHA Administrator David Michaels. Specifically, the agency is asking stakeholders to provide insight on the causes of worker injuries and fatalities, and to share best practices that address these hazards. You can submit comments on Docket No. OSHA-2014-0018 in the federal eRulemaking portal