Thursday, April 16, 2015

Healthy Workers & Work Environment Helps Prevent Employee Burnout

A Harris Poll conducted for Virgin Pulse, a health promotion company, revealed that 98% of senior executives believe healthy living can help workers from experiencing job burnout. The survey asked executives about the relationship between health and productivity. Results showed that 97% believe that healthier employees are more productive than those who are less well and that happy employees are more productive, engaged and more likely to be loyal to the company. reports that while 9 in 10 leaders realize the importance of having best programs to address these issues, only 74% actually offer them. “As managers, we have to commit to helping our employees live healthy, less stressful lifestyles,” says Virgin Pulse CEO Chris Boyce. “Employee well-being isn’t just about lowering blood pressure or quitting smoking. It’s about helping employees find balance and replenish what life’s hectic pace depletes on a daily basis.”

NIOSH recommends strategies for organizational change, which can help prevent employee burnout:
  • Align workloads with workers’ resources and capabilities.
  • Jobs should have meaning, stimulate the workers and provide opportunities for workers to use their skills.
  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities.
  • Employees should have opportunities to help make decisions that affect their jobs.
  • Communicate clearly about career development and future employment opportunities.
  • Provide employee networking opportunities.
  • Create work schedules that are compatible with demands and responsibilities outside the job.