Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Keeping Lone Workers Safe

Richard Hambrick, VP of SoloProtect, recently spoke to a group of realtors on the topic of safety, which is at the forefront of realtor’s minds because they are frequently at risk because they often work alone. In fact, Bureau of Labor Statistics data show that people in the real estate industry suffered 279 work-related deaths from 2010-2013. And while nearly 2 million Americans report having been victims of violence each year, many cases go unreported.

In addressing the realtors group, Hambrick focused on promoting dynamic risk assessment among employees. He also discussed the shortcomings of GPS and cell phones, and offered best safety practices for lone workers.

“We certainly see the need for ongoing training and employee monitoring solutions for safety in our own business with so many field staff working remotely and alone,” says Hambrick.

For more on the topic of lone worker safety, Hambrick and his colleagues will deliver a presentation on at Safety 2015, “Lone Worker Protection: The Need is Here. Are You Filling It?” (session 764).