Tuesday, October 7, 2014

iPhone Software Feature Could Be Critical for First Responders

Savvy iPhone users are likely getting familiar with the ins and outs of Apple’s latest software release for the phone, iOS8. The update offers a plethora of new features, but one that has flown under the radar is the inclusion of a Medical ID, a feature that allows the input of personal medical information that is accessible by medical personnel, even if the phone is locked. Users are free to choose what information they list, such as allergies or medicines they might be taking.

While medical professionals could certainly find the feature useful—maybe even lifesaving—the fact that the information is available while the phone is locked poses a potential route for violation of privacy. The information is available to anyone with physical access to a user’s phone. For iPhone owners with potentially life-threatening conditions, however, the merits of having that information available may outweigh privacy concerns.

To illustrate exactly how this works, ASSE has created a quick video walkthrough.

Using Medical ID on iOS 8 from ASSE Safety on Vimeo.