Friday, October 31, 2014

10 Elements for a Safe Driving Program

As reports, although OSHA does not regulate driving across the board, the agency has guidelines to help reduce vehicle crashes and advises employers to create a safety program that saves lives and reduces risk of injuries, protects the organization’s human and financial resources, and guards against potential company and personal liabilities. Along these guidelines, OSHA also supports Network of Employers for Traffic Safety’s program, which is centered around 10 elements.

  1. senior management commitment and employee involvement;
  2. written policies and procedures;
  3. driver agreements; 
  4. motor vehicle record checks; 
  5. crash reporting and investigation; 
  6. Select, maintain and routinely inspect company vehicles;
  7. disciplinary action;
  8. reward/incentive program;
  9. driver training and communication;
  10. regulatory compliance.