Tuesday, August 13, 2013

NIOSH Recommendations to Help Control Lead Exposures at Facility

In a recent health hazard evaluation report, NIOSH offered recommendations to help reduce lead exposures at an aircraft repair and flight school facility. The report states that single-engine aircrafts use leaded aviation fuel, which generates lead-containing dust as a combustion byproduct. The facility's owners requested the evaluation report because they were concerned about lead exposure after personnel were found to have detectable blood lead levels.

To help control lead exposures at the facility, NIOSH recommended administrative controls. These include using damp and wet mopping and dusting methods, and using PPE such as filtering respirators. Other recommendations included not eating in the hangar area, leaving work clothes at work and having employees wash hands before eating, among others. For more information, read the complete "Exposures to Lead & Other Materials at an Aircraft and Flight School Facility" report.