Tuesday, September 2, 2014

U.K.'s Ladder Association Launches "Idiots on Ladders" Photo Contest

Courtesy Ladder Associations
Each year, in conjunction with its Ladder Exchange program, Ladder Association holds its "Idiots on Ladders" photo contest. The group is again encouraging people to submit the worst pictures of ladder use they can find to show just how dangerous ladder misuse can be.

The Ladder Exchange program lets people trade in old ladders for safe new ones at a discount while the photo contest highlights how people often misuse the equipment. Administered through the group's Facebook page, the photo that receives the most "likes" by the end of December is named the year’s biggest Idiot on a Ladder.

“Most people these days understand what makes ladder use safe or unsafe. For 2 years now we have been running [this] contest, and each time pictures have come flooding in," says Cameron Clow, chair of the Ladder Association. "That shows that the public knows when people are doing something on a ladder they shouldn’t, and are shocked by it, but it also shows that misusing a ladder is far too common."

To enter a picture, simply post it onto the group's Facebook page or email it to Michael Fern.