Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Quick Tips to Help Truckers Sleep Better

NIOSH is marking Truck Driver Appreciation Week by publishing "Quick Sleep Tips for Truck Drivers." The booklet outlines the importance of sleep for truck drivers and what they can do to ensure that they get a good night’s sleep while on the road and at home. According to BLS, in 2009, truck drivers experienced 16.8% of all transportation-related fatalities and 2.04% of the nonfatal injuries requiring days away from work, even though they only made up 1.0% of the U.S. workforce.

The tips and recommendations focus on
  • improving your sleep environment;
  • preparing for better sleep;
  • what to avoid before bedtime.
“Sleep plays a critical role in our personal well-being; being on the road for long periods without getting adequate sleep may place truck drivers at higher risk for vehicle crashes, as well as create other health concerns,” said NIOSH Director John Howard, M.D. “This new resource provides easy to implement solutions that will help truck drivers stay safe and well while on the job and continue their good work.”

For more information and strategies for managing sleep, visit the NIOSH Work Schedules topic page The agency also has a blog post highlighting Truck Driver Appreciation Week.