Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tulgan Publishes New White Paper on Generation Z

In the October 2013 issue of Professional Safety, BruceTulgan wrote about bringing out the best in today’s young workers. “Because Gen Ys and Zs seem to disregard authority figures and at the same time demand a great deal of them,” Tulgan writes, “leaders and managers often find them maddening and difficult to manage.”

Tulgan and his firm, Rainmaker Thinking, have been studying generational differences and tracking young people in the workforce for two decades. In North America, the group known as Generation Z already comprises nearly 7% of the workforce. Being armed with the leadership tools and knowledge to manage this generation will become increasingly important over the next several years as this work population segment grows.

Rainmaker Thinking has published a new white paper on this generation and the challenges it brings to leaders today. The white paper identifies five key trends shaping this generation, and discusses key strategies for managing this growing segment of the workforce.