Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Create Engaging SH&E Training With Gamification

Do you struggle to create SH&E training that is truly engaging to learners? You'll want to look for the latest issue of Professional Safety. The October 2013 issue includes a Best Practices article, "Gaming the Standard: Using Game Design Principles to Meet the Requirements in the Z490 Standard." In the article, Dan McNeill, ASSE's manager, education development, discusses a method of designing an engaging program that motivates and delivers on learning objectives, while at the same time meeting ANSI requirements for SH&E training.

Using techniques employed by video game designers, McNeill says, SH&E professionals can create training that will really stick with learners long after training is over. The basic outline:
  • Gain attention.
  • Establish the goal.
  • Unleash the action.
  • Present a final challenge.
Read the article and let us know what you think.