Tuesday, August 11, 2015

NIOSH Newsletter Bringing Research Closer to Practice

Building an effective, ongoing bridge between the wealth of OSH research conducted by NIOSH and the practice of ASSE members and the broader OSH community is "a very tough nut to crack," says Dave Heidorn, ASSE's manager of government affairs and policy. To add some strength to that building effort, NIOSH has launched a new newsletter, NIOSH Research Rounds.

In announcing the initiative, NIOSH Director John Howard says the publication will highlight the wealth of research that NIOSH advances every day, from "the beginnings of studies, benchmarks achieved in studies-in-progress, advancements in methods for the 21st century and new findings reported in the peer-reviewed literature." It will also include summaries of select scientific articles.

The inaugural issue highlights several projects including a study of truck-driver measurements geared toward improving truck-driver safety through better cab design; a new study analyzing the relationship between cleaning products and asthma among hospital workers; and efforts to expand the NIOSH Ladder Safety app.

Howard also urges readers to share comments and suggestions by sending an e-mail to NIOSH Research Rounds. ASSE also encourages all members to sign up for this resource and help spread the news about the work NIOSH is doing to help OSH professionals succeed.