Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Alternative Fuel Vehicles Training Program Available for First Responders

NFPA has launched its Alternative Fuel Vehicles Training Program for U.S. Emergency Responders program. The free, online program is an update to the agency’s Electric Vehicle Safety Training course that was introduced a few years ago. The new course is a self-paced program that includes interactive modules with video, graphics and simulations, and it teaches emergency responders how to safely handle emergency situations that involve alternative fuel passenger vehicles, trucks, buses and commercial fleet vehicles. Response training for alternative fuel vehicles includes electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell, biodiesel and gaseous fuels.

NFPA reports the program also covers identification techniques, immobilization and power-down procedures, extrication challenges, and recommended practices for handling hazards such as fires and submersion. Participants will learn how to conduct emergency scene size-up and management; identify an alternative fuel vehicle; immobilize the vehicle for scene safety; disable the vehicle’s high voltage and SRS systems; and conduct occupant rescue more safely.

Interested participants may register on NFPA’s website