Friday, August 7, 2015

ISO Revising Risk Management Standards, Developing Supply Chain Guidance

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As administrator of the U.S. Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for ANSI to ISO, ASSE receives many inquiries about the ANSI/ASSE/ISO Risk Assessment and Risk Management Standards (ANSI/ASSE Z690/ISO 31000 series). The standards are developed under the ISO TC262 Committee.

Thousands of these standards have been sold globally--in fact, the 31000 document is a top-5 best seller for ISO. The series consists of:
  • Vocabulary for Risk Management (ANSI/ASSE/ISO Guide 73)
  • Risk Management Principles and Guidelines (ANSI/ASSE/ISO 31000)
  • Guidance for the Implementation of ISO 31000 (ANSI/ASSE/ISO 31004)
  • Risk Assessment Techniques (ANSI/ASSE/IEC/ISO 31010)
ISO 31000 Revision Update
A ballot on the revision of ISO 31000 has been released, and all comments are due during October 2015. It's expected that the overall revision process will be moderate, but some significant updates and changes in specific sections are anticipated. Read more about the revision process here. You can also learn more about the standards, the TAG and the ISO TC262 Committee in ASSE's tech brief.
New Project: Supply Chain Risk ManagementISO TC262 recently launched a project to develop a new standard, "Managing Supply Chain Risk: A Compilation of Best Practices." The standard will provide guidance for developing and embedding a risk management framework and process in supply chain management.

ISO 31000 Links, Resources & Examples of Recognition For more information about the TAG and to consider joining, contact ASSE's Tim Fisher.