Friday, August 22, 2014

OSHA Severe Violator Program Grows by 23%

© Celik
A report in The National Law Review reports that the number of worksites in OSHA's Severe Violator Enforcement Program (SVEP) has increased by 23% in the past year. The program allows for increased OSHA scrutiny after “egregious” oversights or circumstances such as a workplace fatality or an incident that hospitalizes at least 3 workers. The program was launched in 2010.

As of July 1, 423 worksites are listed on the SVEP, up from last year’s 343.

Per the report, “The SVEP list is dominated by construction and manufacturing firms. There are 257 construction firms, up from last year’s 204, and 117 manufacturing sites, an increase from 97 in 2013. In addition, small employers make up more than half of the list. A total of 235 SVEP sites employ no more than 10 workers. Only 61 SVEP-listed employers have at least 100 workers. Neither the industry or size profiles of companies in the program changed from last year.”

If the citations that put a company in the program are not either withdrawn or dismissed in a contested case, the company must settle the citations with OSHA and spend a minimum of 3 years in the program.