Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Energize Safety: Combating Complacency

Why do behavior-based systems fail, and what can be done to pump life into those systems to make them sustainable? Expect to hear some innovative and entertaining answers from Tim Page-Bottorff, CSP, and Larry Wilson, both of SafeStart, during ASSE’s upcoming Energize Your Safety Management Program symposium.

“This is going to be a paradigm shift in what people can do to change that up so they can keep that around,” says Page-Bottorff. To bring about that paradigm shift,  Page-Bottorff says that occupational safety and health professionals need to employ strategies to combat complacency. Other key areas for change include improving communication skills, altering safety-related habits and taking steps to accommodate for human error in the workplace.

In his view, a symposium setting is the perfect venue for building momentum in this direction. “Learning something new is always great. But learning something new when you get a bunch of professionals together and network together, it's that much greater. Having a symposium like this gets people together, gets networks of information out there,” Page-Bottorff explains.

He also recognizes that there is no one-size-fits all answer when it comes to improving occupational safety. Prior to a career in safety, Page-Bottorff served in the military. “The military is what gave me respect for the business, respect for the career, and also understanding where people are coming from,” he says. “You can't always assume that everybody has the same approach. People come from different walks of life.” Safety professionals need to keep this in mind when devising new programs and processes.

If his Safety 2014 presentation is any indication, attendees can expect an engaging session, with a little bit of pop culture woven in. “Talking about current events that spark a conversation is a great way to get people involved,” Page-Bottorff says.

ASSE's Energize symposium will be held Oct. 23-24 in Denver, CO. Click here to learn more.