Monday, March 30, 2015

OSHA Extends PELs Comment Period to October

OSHA has extended the comment period on its Request for Information on Chemical Management and Permissible Exposure Limits to Oct. 9, 2015. The original comment deadline was April 8, 2015. In October 2014, the agency requested stakeholders' input about more effective and efficient approaches to address workplace conditions in which workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals. In announcing the extension, OSHA said it received many requests from stakeholders seeking additional time to research and formulate responses to questions included in the request for information (RFI).

OSHA's RFI said the agency "is reviewing its overall approach to managing chemical exposures in the workplace and seeks stakeholder input about more effective and efficient approaches that addresses challenges found with the current regulatory approach. This review involves considering issues related to updating permissible exposure limits (PELs), as well as examining other strategies that could be implemented to address workplace conditions where workers are exposed to chemicals." It said the request is concerned primarily with chemicals that cause adverse health effects from long-term occupational exposure.