Thursday, March 12, 2015

ASTM Proposes Guide to Green Chemical Alternatives

ASTM International has proposed a new guide to help companies explore alternative chemical use in the life cycle of their products. ASTM says that assessing and using alternative chemicals has become increasingly common in many industries, such as green building certifications.

According to ASTM, the proposed standard, WK40619, Guide for Making Chemical Selection Decisions in the Life Cycle of Products, will act as a template to help companies analyze a given chemical's social, economic and ecological implications at each stage of a product's life cycle. The guide will help companies follow a process, document and rationalize how to incorporate sustainability into their business decisions related to products and ingredients.

"Green building systems and codes could potentially use the proposed standard as a means of meeting green chemistry credits and goals," says Michael Schmeida, chair of ASTM E60 Committee on Sustainability. "In addition, regulators could reference it as a compliance path for their green chemistry regulations."