Wednesday, March 18, 2015

McDonalds Workers Call for OSHA Checks After Safety Incidents

McDonalds workers in 19 U.S. cities are asking OSHA to inspect their workplaces saying that they have been injured due to a lack of training and protective equipment.

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A labor group is calling for the company to be held accountable under federal rules for worker safety violations at its franchised restaurants, expanding a continuing effort to reduce historical protections for corporations operating under franchise arrangements. The group, Fight For $15/Fast Food Forward, backed by the Service Employees International Union recently announced a series of complaints alleging violations by 19 McDonald’s franchisees and nine corporate-owned stores. The group has prepared a detailed legal argument that it hopes will persuade OSHA to cite McDonald’s Corp. for violations that the agency might find at independently owned restaurants.

Workers have cited injuries such as burns suffered when filtering grease, slipping on greasy floors and incidents where workers suffered injuries resulting in nerve damage. 

Fight for $15 also filed hundreds of claims against McDonald's with the National Labor Relations Board, alleging the company violated labor rights of its employees at various restaurants nationwide. More than 100 were found to have merit. Hearings take place at the end of the month in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. If settlements aren't reached, the company and it's franchisees could be required to pay back wages and reinstate workers who were fired. 

McDonald’s released a statement saying that the company and its franchisees are committed to providing safe working conditions, and it will review the allegations.

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