Friday, January 17, 2014

Learn How to Communicate With the C-Suite at SeminarFest

At SeminarFest, coming up at the end of this month, James Boretti, president of Boretti Inc. will present, “Establishing Your Place in the C-Suite,” where attendees will learn to demonstrate a general knowledge of business language, how to identify C-suite expectations, how to implement and align SH&E efforts with organizational objectives and how to package SH&E information in a compelling, easily digestible way to grab the attention and involvement of decision-makers.

Communicating with C-suite executives is tricky, as it requires understanding a company’s overarching goals. Senior management review organizational initiatives on a much broader scale, Boretti says. While SH&E professionals and departmental managers are looking at things on a micro-level, the C-suite is looking 2-3 years down the road from a strategic planning standpoint.

While companies benefits from having long-term objectives, there is sometimes a disconnect in the communication from one level to another, Boretti continues, meaning that some issues can lose their immediacy on the C-suite agenda.

“Sometimes the C-suite folks don’t even recognize issues because it’s not in the same vein of communication,” Boretti says. Capturing the attention and support from the senior management depends deeply on communication. SH&E professionals must find a way to position safety efforts as a natural part of an organizations’ success. 

Aligning immediate goals with long-term organizational goals is key, as is keeping the message short and direct. “We need recognize that their time is valuable. They focus on information for decision making, not necessarily details,” Boretti says. 

Knowledge of organizational business goals and senior management expectations will also shape a bond with the C-suite. Using case studies and examples, session attendees will learn business measures to bridge gaps, how to communicate with c-suite executives so that they engage and how to align safety health and the environmental efforts with corporate goals and objectives. 

To learn more about getting the C-suite to focus on safety, health and the environmental process, register today. SeminarFest will be held Jan. 25 to Feb. 1, 2014, in Las Vegas, NV.