Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Resource Details Emergency Eyewash Best Practices

Honeywell has published a new white paper highlighting the importance of proper emergency eyewash selection, installation, maintenance and usage. The paper, “How to Identify Safe and Effective Emergency Eyewash – and the Hidden Dangers to Avoid,” delivers a in-depth look at key components within emergency eyewash flushing fluids, and offers safety and health professionals a resource to aid in identifying safe and effective practices in industrial eye injuries.

In addition to building awareness for lesser-known hazards, equipment options and proper overall usage, this resource offers these tips to consider when selecting an eyewash supplier:
  • Check for a National Drug Code (NDC), which ensures the FDA has approved the product. Registered products can be found by searching the national drug code directory here.
  • Review the ingredients. Beware of solutions containing numerous additives or chemicals, and look for sterile saline made from 100% sterile water.
  • Confirm that the fluid is intended for use in the eyes. 
  • Be wary of fluids that have a New Product Application (NPA). These have been approved as a new product based on paperwork but have not yet undergone and passed thorough audits and testing by the FDA.
  • Consider buying products made in the U.S., as domestic manufacturing regulations and inspections are  generally more stringent.
  • Pay attention to expiration dates. 
Download and view the white paper here