Friday, October 19, 2012

Mystery Game App Has Hidden Safety Message

U.K. gas distributor, Northern Gas Networks, has developed a free game app that challenges players to solve a mystery to learn how a student met his demise. But the game has a hidden safety message.

The player of iCOP takes the role of crime solver tasked with cracking the case. Exploring the student’s apartment, players will search for clues, but taking too long may result in lightheadedness. That’s because the killer turns out to be (spoiler alert) carbon monoxide.

The app allows players to store the U.K.’s national gas emergency number in their phones, and apply for a free CO alarm.

“CO poisoning continues to claims lives every year, so it's vital that we keeping delivering the safety message in new and imaginative ways,” says Northern Gas Networks’ Gwen Allen. “Students living off campus in cheap rented accommodation are one of the key at-risk groups for CO poisoning. By making students more aware of the warning signs and symptoms, and encouraging them to apply for a CO alarm, we can help to save lives.”