Wednesday, October 10, 2012

On/Off Campus Fire Protection Tips

ASSE's Fire Protection Practice Specialty (PS) is urging students to take steps now to avoid fatal fires in on/off campus housing. “Unless you have planned a fire escape route out of your dorm, apartment, home or workplace, it will be extremely difficult to see through the darkness, the dense smoke and the flames to escape,” says ASSE Fire Protection PS member Frank Baker. “Plan and practice an escape route now. Also, make sure that plan includes communicating with your family, friends and co-workers where to meet following a fire to assure that everyone made it to safety.”

In addition, students who live on campus should check their residence policies because most prohibit the use of candles, space heaters, halogen lamps or bulbs, open heating elements and unapproved cooking appliances. “Simple actions such as limiting the use of extension cords, and not overloading power strips or outlets can significantly reduce fire risk,” Baker says.  “Cooking safely, avoiding open flames, never leaving cooking unattended and properly discarding smoking materials are just a few additional ways to reduce the risk of fire.”  Students should also know where all exits are located in each building they visit, and should ensure that they have a working fire detector in their housing units, he adds.

For more information, check out ASSE’s fire safety fact sheets here or visit ASSE’s Fire Protection Practice Specialty