Monday, October 29, 2012

Create a Winning Safety Program

John Amann, Vice President of First Aid and Safety at Cintas, proves that building a winning safety program is no different than building a winning football team.
  • Work with seasoned referees and coaches. Putting safety in the hands of an unqualified service provider can have disastrous results. Partner with a seasoned first aid and safety team that offers a multiple solutions to all safety and compliance needs.
  • Practice. Employees must regularly update their safety skills. This can be done through regular training sessions using a combination of online, DVD and instructor-led formats. Training should address specific industry hazards and occur when new members join the team, if regulations change and to act as a refresher for seasoned veterans.
  • Wear protective gear. Encourage workers to put on personal protective equipment before performing potentially dangerous job tasks. This includes flame-resistant clothing for electrical work, hearing protection for noisy environments and gloves and safety glasses for handling chemicals or equipment.
  • Develop a strong defense. Workplace first-aid cabinets help reduce the impact of common ailments by providing quick treatment. Stock these cabinets with a variety of bandages, individually-sealed aspirin, antibiotic ointment and a solution for diabetic reactions. This can limit the need for additional treatment and missed days from work.
  • Keep a medic on the sidelines. It is crucial to place functioning automated external defibrillators throughout a facility. Partner with a service provider to ensure units are regularly inspected and tested. Workers should be trained to can act as a first responder during an emergency.
Like the game of football, in order to be successful, a workplace must be equipped with the preventative actions, Amann says. Training, PPE and emergency response equipment must be part of every safety manager’s playbook. For more information, click here.