Monday, September 17, 2012

Wise Words from IMTS Conference

This year's International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago has been full of great advice for safety professionals and business leaders everywhere. Check out what some of the speakers have to say:

We need to align safety and health with [an organization's] business strategy. 
Kathy Seabrook, President, Global Solutions Inc.

Safety is a series of destinations. 
Ed Foulke, former OSHA Administrator 

EHS professionals must expand their scope within their companies and show the value of safety to the CFO and CEO.  
John Howard, NIOSH Director

A site manager has to care about workers, workers’ families and human needs. Find your champion who can do that very well and then benchmark off of that champion. 
John Henshaw, former OSHA Assistant Secretary of Labor

Citizenship provides a framework that allows internal EHS activities to be leveraged outside of facilities.
Jim Cross, Global Process Safety Director, Dow Corning

There is no better advocate for your wellness program than to see senior management participate. 
Kristin Berdelman, Benefits Director, ACCO Brands

Change your agenda so that every meeting starts with safety
Phil McIntyre, Director of Business Development, Milliken

When workers’ values align with leaders’ values, it empowers the worker to engage in the work process. 
Richard Fulwiler, President, Technology Leadership Assoc.

You need to achieve engagement in safety before you can get their [employees'] commitment to move the business forward. 
Tim Fazio as said to Richard Fulwiler

Leadership is not about being perfect, leadership is about consistently getting better. 
Terry Mathis, CEO, ProAct Safety