Friday, September 28, 2012

Survey Shows Workers Avoiding Eye Protection

Chemical burns, blindness and scrapes are just a few the hazards workers face while not using PPE on the job. Despite these grave risks, 85% of industrial workers in a recent Kimberly-Clark Professional survey said they had observed others failing to wear eye protection when they should have been. "The results are very disconcerting when you consider that 90% of eye injuries can be prevented through the use of proper protective eyewear,” says Valona Renner-Thomas, Product Manager at Kimberly-Clark Professional. What is ironic is that eyewear came in first when respondents were asked to rank the most important PPE category for on-the-job safety. It was also deemed the “most challenging" PPE category in terms of compliance.  When asked what would most improve compliance with eye protection protocols, the top choice was more comfortable eyewear (56%) followed by fog-free lenses (22%). These alarming statistics should raise a red flag for employers. Increased workers’ compensation costs and injuries can result from even a slight eye injury. For more information on eye protection, click here.