Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hearing Conservation App Encourages Workplace Hearing Safety

Honeywell’s new hearing conservation app provides interactive tools and educational materials that safety managers can use to support workplace hearing safety programs. The app, Howard Leight Hearing Conservation Toolbox, is iPad compatible and features information on the risks of occupational noise, hearing conservation program best practices, and instruction on the testing, selection, fitting and use of hearing protection.

According to Honeywell, the app  provides access to: 
  • hearing conservation program information and checklists on noise induced hearing loss (NIHL), ear anatomy, regulations, choosing and fitting hearing protectors;
  • best practices articles on effective hearing conservation and preventing job-related hearing loss;
  • educational videos on the auditory system, the personal effects of NIHL and the importance of fit testing;
  • a noise thermometer infographic that quickly communicates the impact of exposure to both on- and off-the-job sources of noise by mapping the sound levels to a thermometer illustration;
  • an interactive noise wheel that explains the fit, protection, size and comfort to consider when choosing hearing protection;
  • hearing protector fit instructions, illustrations, tips and videos;
  • maintenance and care information for earplugs and earmuffs to ensure the effectiveness of hearing protectors;
  • details of Honeywell’s VeriPRO earplug fit-testing system, which enables safety managers to easily create an accurate, real-world picture of their employees’ hearing protection.
Visit the Apple iTunes store to download the free app