Friday, November 13, 2015

Research Shows Closed Doors Can Help Save Time During a Fire

© ruenjaichon
Research conducted by UL reveals that sleeping with your bedroom door closed can buy you “lifesaving seconds” during a fire. NFPA reports that the research shows how doors can keeps smoke out of a room longer and change the flow of heat and toxic gases. Director of UL’s FirefighterSafety Research Institute Steve Kerber says that closed doors, as well as smoke alarms, are the best possible things to help you in the event of a fire.

A video illustration conducted by Kerber’s team shows just how fast smoke can reach a room that has an open door, while a room with a closed door stays clear for longer. The video shows how after a minute and a half after a fire starts in a home downstairs, smoke is entering an upstairs bedroom that has its door open. After 3 minutes, the open door room is filled with thick smoke. But, the room with its door shut stays clear for longer; after 5 minutes, there is still some visibility in the room with the closed door.