Monday, July 27, 2015

Top 5 Ways FR Clothing Is Improperly Worn

Flame resistant clothing can protect the wearer from a number of workplace hazards including arc flash, flash fires and molten metal splatter, provided it is worn correctly. Worn incorrectly, these garments lose their effectiveness. Workrite Uniform Co. identifies the top five mistakes workers make in the way they wear FR clothing:

  1. Wearing it with a non-FR outer layer. Even if you are wearing FR clothing, a non-FR outer layer can still ignite and burn. In cold weather conditions, workers should wear FR outerwear as well.
  2. Wearing it with a non-FR synthetic under layer. T-shirts worn to help with moisture management may be made from synthetic materials that are not flame resistant. These materials can actually melt to the skin.
  3. Rolling up sleeves. This should be avoided because it leaves arms exposed. Instead, workers should wear FR clothing made from lightweight, moisture-wicking fabric.
  4. Unzipping coveralls or unbuttoning shirts. Like rolling up sleeves, this practice also leaves the skin unprotected.
  5. Not tucking in shirttail. Heat and flames can travel under the shirt. Workers should look for FR clothing that has long shirttails to prevent this from occurring.