Tuesday, July 14, 2015

10 Safety Signs to Spot on a Plant Walkthrough

Plant walkthroughs are a common safety exercise, often used to assess things like housekeeping and PPE compliance. Walkthroughs are also a good way to engage employees and build awareness about workplace safety. One specific task to consider incorporating into your walkthroughs is a check of a site's safety signs. Brady highlights these 10 signs to look for:
  1. Exit/Evacuation Signs: Every authorized exit sign must be either constantly illuminated by a reliable light source, or be sufficiently self-luminating by use of glow-in-the-dark materials.
  2. Fire Signs: These signs indicate the location of fire extinguishers and fire hose cabinets so they are readily accessible in case of an emergency. 
  3. Electrical Arc-Flash Hazard Signs: Sites must indicate High voltage areas, and provide sufficient access and working space around energized electric equipment.
  4. First-Aid Signs: First-aid supplies must be identified and readily available at all times in case of a medical emergency.
  5. Flammable/Combustible Signs: Containers and areas with flammable or combustible liquids, vapors or materials must have conspicuous warning labels. 
  6. Personal Protection Signs: These signs contain symbols and prevention tags/messages to remind workers of PPE required to protect against hazards related to physical contact, absorption and inhalation.
  7. Hazardous Areas Signs: “Caution” signage is required to warn against potential hazards and unsafe practices. Hazardous signs instruct employees of area protocol.
  8. Confined Spaces Signs: Warns employees of areas that require authorized permits or specific instructions for entering into a potentially hazardous confined space.
  9. Machines and Equipment Signs: These signs alert workers to dangerous areas and hazards that could cause personal injury or equipment failure.
  10. Slips, Trips and Falls Signs: These signs provide instructions and suggestions to maintain safety in aisles.
The company also has a short video that explains the ANSI Z535 safety sign standard and how signs created using this format are more understood universally. View it below.