Wednesday, July 15, 2015

CDC Looks Back at 2014-15 Ebola Response

CDC has released a report about its response to the West African Ebola epidemic. The agency says the Ebola response was the largest international outbreak response in the agency’s history. More than 27,000 Ebola cases and more than 11,000 deaths were recorded over the course of the outbreak—CDC deployed more than 2,000 experts to the region, and trained more than 24,000 healthcare workers in West Africa alone.

“The West African Ebola epidemic is a vivid reminder that even in the 21st Century, disease can still threaten not only people’s health, but also the very foundations of national and international economies,” the report says.

Thousands of public health professionals in Africa and the U.S. helped stop the epidemic in Liberia and are currently working to stop it in Guinea and Sierra Leone. CDC and its partners are working toward eliminating all new Ebola cases in the affected countries and to strengthen vigilance throughout the region.

Read more at CDC’s Ebola webpage.