Thursday, January 15, 2015

SeminarFest Presenter Dr. Mike Crant on CBS's "48 Hours"

Dr. Mike Crant will be presenting Leadership and Decision-Making Skills at SeminarFest on
Saturday, Feb. 7. Crant was recently featured on recent episode of CBS's "48 Hours" in a segment where he was interviewed about excuse making, the topic he studies at University of Notre Dame.

Crant's presentation at SeminarFest will teach attendees how they can achieve a higher level of leadership that will help them inspire others to perform at their best. The next step, Crant says, is to follow this line of thinking to achieve more thoughtful and appropriate decisions.

According to ASSE, attendees will better understand that leadership and management require different skills, and be better able to practice three key concepts associated with effective leadership: building credibility, achieving reciprocal respect between leaders and workforce, and acting as an agent of change.