Thursday, November 7, 2013

Raising Awareness of Responder Stress

Several companies are partnering to raffle a custom, hand-painted Reach For The Light firefighter helmet to raise awareness to responder stress. Monies raised will fund stress management training for first responders and emergency workers, say sponsors FoxFury Lighting Solutions, C4L & Associates, 1st Responder Treatment, Firefighter Wife and Smoke Eater Customs. The groups have also collaborated on a video, Return To The Station, to bring more attention to responder stress.

"In the arena of emergency management, responders can be exposed to catastrophic events," the groups explain. "Responder stress and traumatic incident stress, if not properly identified and managed early on, can develop into harmful addictions and post-traumatic stress disorder that directly threaten responders and their families."

The raffle winner will be announced Nov.15. Learn more here. The helmet will also be on display at the Superstorm Sandy Symposium Nov. 12-16 in Atlantic City, NJ