Monday, November 4, 2013

BOK Corner: Tackling the Top 10

Each year, OSHA issues the 10 most frequently cited standards of the previous year. With its vast library of resources, ASSE’s Body of Knowledge (BOK) can help visitors tackle those worst offenses. In each issue of Professional Safety in 2013, the BOK Corner counted down the OSHA Top 10 and gave readers a taste of what they can find in the BOK to help address these hazards.

The January through October issues each focused on one of 10 most frequently cited OSHA standards, and offered several example resources found in the BOK. The November issue offered the top rated BOK assets—those assets rated highest by registered users. Finally, the December issue will list the most downloaded BOK assets.

Be sure to register for the BOK to gain full access to all of these assets and more. Also, be sure to listen to the “Introduction to ASSE’s Body of Knowledge” podcast, which tells you all about this great resource and how you can contribute.