Friday, November 15, 2013

Professional Safety Friday Flashback: Safety in Performance Reviews

Today's Friday Flashback is "Safety in the Supervisor’s Salary Review: A Formal Approach," from the May 1991 issue of Professional Safety. The article was written by George Swartz, who was corporate safety director at Midas International when the article was published. His ASSE activities including serving as a member and chair of ASSE’s Editorial Board, and administrator of the Society's Management Division. Swartz was a professional member of the Greater Chicago Chapter, and he was honored as an ASSE Fellow in 1992.
"Supervisors should be held accountable for preventing and reducing injuries in their departments. They should also be held accountable for compliance with prescribed company safety programs. By requiring the supervisor to achieve specific projects or tasks that improve departmental safety, injury reduction should logically follow."--George Swartz, 1991