Monday, September 14, 2015

Survey Finds Worksite Clinics Rising in Popularity Despite ACA Uncertainty

A growing focus on employee health has lead to an increase in worksite clinics. According to a 2014 survey by Mercer, 29% of employers with 5,000 or more employees provided an onsite or near-site clinic offering primary care services, up from 24% in the previous year. In a follow-up survey on worksite clinics, 63% of employers said that they successfully reduced lost workdays and 58% said they helped manage chronic conditions.

Improving access to care was an important objective for more than two-thirds of employers surveyed. Worksite clinics can offer many services for employees including biometric screening, chronic condition coaching and lifestyle management programs such as smoking cessation or weight management.

While there is some debate over how the cost of care factors into the Affordable Care Act’s tax calculation, 85% of respondents said that their organization generally perceive the clinic as a success.

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