Friday, August 31, 2012

NIOSH Message to the Workforce

This Labor Day, NIOSH Director John Howard takes time to thank working men and women for all that they do:
“We celebrate the pride and dedication of our working men and women. Two hundred years ago, those qualities in the American work force propelled the growth of our young nation’s trans-Atlantic trade economy. In the last century, they were indispensable in the success of our manufacturing economy. In today’s global marketplace, American ingenuity and perseverance drive the growth of advanced information and production technologies… We in the occupational safety and health community have a unique opportunity to honor the labor of our fellow Americans. We develop, disseminate and help others to use the tools and strategies that prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. By helping to prevent pain, impairment and death on the job, we help working parents to provide for their families and plan for a secure future. With a roster of healthy, capable workers, an innovative small business has a better chance of survival in a fiercely competitive global market. That same small business may be the next leader in a transformational technology that earns admiration and customers around the world, as the recent Pew survey suggests. On Labor Day 2012, I invite you to join us in recognizing the essential contributions of American workers and renewing our national commitment to safe and healthful workplaces for all.”