Thursday, July 19, 2012

Powered Haulage Safety

Powered haulage accidents have accounted for 99 mine fatalities since 2001, according to MSHA. A total of 72 fatalities occurred at surface mines, 21 at underground mines and 6 at surface facilities. Proper equipment maintenance, sufficient operation equipment inspections and adequate planning could have helped miners avoid these accidents. In an effort to decrease these alarming numbers, MSHA offers best practices: 

• Equipment operators should be familiar with the working environment at all times. 
• Never attempt to jump from a moving truck or machine.
• Conduct operational checks before working. This will help to identify any defects that may affect
the safe operation of equipment.
• Maintain all braking systems in good operating condition.
• Operate mobile equipment at an appropriate speed for the conditions of the roadway, grade, visibility and traffic.
• Thoroughly review the operator’s manual during training.
• Identify hazards around conveyor systems and design guards.

It is essential to train all workers to recognize workplace hazards and to stay clear of normal paths of travel for mobile equipment, MSHA adds. For more information, visit